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Christian Chats and Forums : Bulletin Boards


  • BibleDatabase Christian Message   Board - Large fellowship board covering Christian life including prayer,   spiritual growth, and general topics.

  • By Every Word - Prophecy,   prayer, and Biblical discussion. Topical articles.

  • Christian - A board   for Christian support, theology discussion, and fellowship.

  • Christian Faith Discussion Board   - Fellowship, discussion, and debate.

  • 123 Christian Forums -   Christian forums with discussions on business, music, movies, web design, and   general topics for Christians.

  • Christian Forums - Christian   fellowship, discussion, and debate plus games. Non-Christians allowed in   certain categories.

  • Christian Homes - Christian   family, parenting, and fellowship.

  • Christian Net   Friends - Join together and share positive messages, experiences, prayer   lists, and to fellowship one with another via email.

  • Christian Talk Zone - Three   boards for fellowship, debate, and outreach for Christians and non-Christians. 

  • Christian Teen Forums -   A safe online forum for Christian teens to get together and form a community   and meet new friends.

  •   ChristianBBS - Separate boards on various topics described on a main board   with links.

  • The Cyber Lake - A board for   fellowship, accountability groups and prayer. [Requires registration]

  • Debating Christianity and   Religion - Civil and engaging debate on Christianity and religious issues.   RSS feed and PDA page.

  • Elijah Days - Fellowship, Bible   study, prayer, inspiration, advice, end-times events.

  • Evangelize America Forum -   Articles including cults, apologetics, doctrines, creation, ministers, and   ministries and a board for discussing these issues.

  • - Discussion and   debate boards.

  • Fresh-Hope -   Dedicated to spiritual edifying with topics about eschatology, fellowship, and   prayer.

  • Friendship and   Counseling Forum - Provides fellowship, exchange of ideas and faith as   well as advice from peers.

  • Heaven Net   Forum - Questions and answers on biblical doctrine and other subjects   related to God.

  • Jesus Cafe Ministries - Discussion   board and articles on apologetics, Bible study, evangelism, online tracts,   news, and fellowship.

  • Jesus Christ Forums -   Fundamentalist oriented board dealing with controversial subjects, prophecy,   and bus ministry.

  • Jesus Saves   Christian Message Board - For believers from a broad range of backgrounds.   Topics include prophecy, evangelism, Bible studies, devotionals, book reviews,   and more. Expressing different viewpoints is not discouraged.

  • Jude 2 - General discussion aspiring   to mercy, peace, and love.

  • The Lamb Cafe - Healing, prophecy,   audio files, and the wierd and unusual.

  • Manna Cabana - Fellowship and   discussion board, directory, and ecards.

  • Polvero Christian Webzine - Writing   for college students about issues of culture, race, poverty, injustice,   homosexuality, and social change. Provides Christian news, downloads, and link   resources.

  • Talk Christian - General   topical boards, praise reports, amd prayer requests.

  • - Members   only Christian discussion board and articles.

  • Theology Review - Where   clergy and layman come together and discuss God. All denominations welcome. 

  • TheologyWeb - Theology debate   and fellowship, blogs, and fun.

  • - Discussion   including, apologetics, Islam, Judaism, cults, Bible prophecy, evolution and   the Da Vinci Code from a Christian perspective.

  • Two or More -   Bible study, fellowship, and prayer requests.

  • Universal Christian   Ministry - Covering Christian basics, Bible topics, prayer, poetry, and   song.

  • World of Prophecy - Mainly   focused on end times prophecies and news and cult issues.

  • Worthy Boards - Popular board   with Christian discussions on theology, prophecy, spiritual growth, and other   worthy disucssions.



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