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Christian Chats and Forums : Community


  • Aletheia Christian   Center - Resource center for teaching and discipling believers in Christ,   located in Lilburn, Georgia. Web site includes e-mail contact for answering   specific questions and for support.

  • Bethel - Bethel is made up   of two major organisations Bethel Services and Bethel Community with a number   of subsidiary groups, responsible for other activities.

  • Chrisitans reaching the world for Christ   - General hangout and communications center for Christians

  • The City-Wide   Christian CellChurch of Arlington - The vision, structure and strategy for   this church movement. Includes historical grounding.

  • Focolare Movement - Founded by   Chiara Lubich in Italy. Focuses on the creation of the "Domestic Church".   Movement has several "Mariopolis", cities run totally according to Gospel   principles.

  • Informaizé - Emilia Romagna - Italy   - Not official site about Taizé, and the activities in Italy

  •   Invitation to Radical Community - A call to and apologetic for postmodern   "extreme" community. Radical discipleship key to raising up from a decimated   youth culture an army of martyrs.

  • JPUSA information by   and for ex-members - The JPUSA diaspora site for critical thinking and   reflection on community life, sharing old memories, contacting old friends,   and maintaining relationships.

  • Koinonia Partners -   Koinonia was is an interacial Christian Community founded by Clarence Jordan   in 1942, and is the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity.

  • Michaeline/The Order of   Saint Michael - The Order of Saint Michael is an ecumenical Christian   community oriented toward self-knowledge and spiritual growth, including   clergy as well as lay members.

  • Miles Family Foundation   - A non-profit foundation established to advance Christian Disciple of Jesus   communities, as well as Christian heritage and values in character, culture,   education, and the arts.

  • NextReformation - The Next   Reformation website is devoted to sharing ideas and offering articles written   on the Housechurch movement, and enlightening the churched and the unchurched   people of this world that: Church doesn't have to be another institution.

  • The Othona Community at Burton   Bradstock - The Othona Community, a Christian community in Dorset, UK   welcomes visitors of all faiths and none and offers retreats, short courses   and periods of "open space"

  • Parish/Congregation   Study - On this site you will eventually find some of the best churches in   America, 300 Catholic parishes and 300 Protestant congregations. This study is   underwritten by the Lily Endowment.

  • People of Praise - A   charismatic ecumenical group, consisting of married couples, and singles.   Meets weekly and engages in social outreach, renewal, and healing.

  • Servants of Jesus Community   - An Ecumenical Community based in Sydney, Australia. It has both Catholic and   Protestant members who's aim is to live the Christian life according to Acts   2:42.

  • Singles Alive In Christ   - Single adult ministry promoting Biblical spiritual healing for singles,   single parents, divorcees, widows and widowers.

  • stand 318 - taking off the mask -   Young adult group serving South-East Texas and South-West Louisiana. (Lots of   Java!)

  • Taizé - Ecumenical, international   community in Taizé, France.

  • Work of Christ Community - An   ecumenical, charismatic community of Christians in East Lansing, Michigan. 


  •   - Megachurches as Minitowns - Some large Christian churches are becoming   self-contained communities. [Requires free registration to view]  (May 9, 2002)



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