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House Churches

Christian Chats and Forums : House Churches


  • Break Bread Ministries - A New   Testament church information center with resources that include articles, and   an outline explaining the differences between the Institutional Church and   home churches.

  • Christian Home Church   Network - Live chat room, forum, and articles on how to start a home   church and comparisons of home church to traditional church.

  • Church Restoration - Books   and materials by Dan Richard Hubbell provided by free download as a resource   for equipping home assemblies to return to a New Testament model.

  • Disciple The Nations   - Canadian based home church network. Articles, newsletter, and events.

  • The Early Church - Articles,   online books, recommended reading list, registry, and guestbook.

  • Edge Home Church Networks NZ - A   New Zealand based home church network offering articles and events.

  • Emmaus Community - A catholic,   post-Vatican-II community numbering 35 in Stamford CT. We are (mostly) white,   mature, upper-middle class Roman Catholics who try (mostly) to extend our   Sunday liturgy experiences through the week in our lives and in the world   around us.

  • Fellowship of Believers   - A New Testament church ministry whose resources include a newsletter and a   weekly streaming radio program.

  • Glory Fellowship House Church   - A Cincinnati, Ohio based fellowship meeting house to house. Includes   articles on how and why to home church.

  • Heal Our Land Ministries - Legal info   for house churches and institutional churches on incorporation, 501c3 tax   exempt status, corporation sole and how to start a church or ministry.   Includes 501c3 Church Forum where house assemblies can post info about their   assembly.

  • The Homechurch Homepage -   Articles, newsletter, musicians connection, directory, and discussion lists. 

  • House Church Blog - Blog and   articles on the home church movement.

  • House Church Central - Non-denominational   New Testament church ministry with forums, articles on theology, catalog of   resources, and a house church directory.

  • House Church Discussion List   - Discussion forum and information repository on the home assembly movement. 

  • 2020 House Church Network - A group   of home-based communities of faith in Marietta, Georgia. Includes FAQ, church   list, vision statement and links.

  • House Church Network - Discussion   board, daily mail lists, Usenet newsgroup, FAQs, registry and articles.

  • 153 House Churches -   Articles, message board and chat on the house church movement.

  • HouseChurch Canada - Discussion   forum, articles, events, and an online database of books and home church   locations.

  • - A ministry   of Chigwell Christian Fellowship. FAQs, articles and teaching tapes.

  • House2House - Church planting and   sustaining resources including articles, newsletters, conferences, books,   directory, and a magazine.

  • The Living Stone   - Articles and theological discussion on the house church movement, as well as   institutional church problems.

  • Matthew's House - A Southern   California home church network. Includes writings by members, blog, newsletter,   and a list of gatherings and happenings.

  • Mercy House - An Amherst,   Massachusetts based home church network. Articles, FAQs, audio sermons,   discussion forum.

  • The New   Reformation Review - A collection of articles by Dan Trotter written for   the advancement of New Testament Christianity.

  • New Testament Reformation Foundation -   Publisher of books, manuals, and audio tapes for restoring New Testament   patterns in church practice, and creating cooperative networks of autonomous   home assemblies. Also includes conferences and workshops, news, and articles   by Steve Atkerson, Jon Zens, and others.

  • -   Articles, FAQs and links.

  • Oikos - Australian house church   ministry. Church directory, articles and newsletter.

  • Open House   Church Articles - Articles, tracts, speeches and book reviews, presented   by True Grace Ministries.

  • Organic Connection - House   church directory and system of networking with other house assemblies.

  • The Real Church House Church -   Articles, links, and testimonies on making the transition away from the   institutional church (IC) to a New Testament model of the church.

  • Relational Christianity - Articles,   links and message board.

  • on House/Home Churches - Descriptive article with   list of references.

  • Vineyard Central - A   community of house churches offering 6-18 month internships. Resources include   online music, house church guidebook, blog, articles, and bookstore.

  • Worship Center of   Redding CA - A participatory network of house churches that equips others   to start house churches. Resources include a free startup manual.



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