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Intentional Communities

Christian Chats and Forums : Intentional Communities


  • AD33 Today - An attempt to gather   people in order to leave behind modern lifestyles for a year, build a village   of cob houses, and seek Godís face in the spirit of the first church.

  • Alleluia - Multi-denominational   community in Georgia (USA).

  • Broken Shackle   Ranch, Inc. - A youth home that specializes in helping young men, 16-18,   straighten out their lives by teaching them responsibility, discipline, and   values.

  • Christian Patriarchs - Little   Promised Land Community - A conservative Sabbath-keeping community being   formed in Australia which advocates God's law, patriarchal family, simple   rural living, love of the brethren, etc.

  • Christians...A Living   by faith movement - A live-by-faith, work-for-God-not-money Christian   community. Distributes Bible-based comics and other tracts. Based in   Australia.

  • Common Union - A continually forming,   urban monastic community of faith in San Diego, CA. Committed to daily seek   the Creator.

  • Community of Celebration   - A mixed community of men, women and children called together to proclaim the   gospel of Jesus Christ by living in community and offering ourselves in   service to the Church and to the world. Music and worship has always been an   important aspect over the 30+ year history of the Community of Celebration. 

  • Community of Jesus - An   ecumenical Christian community in the Benedictine monastic tradition. Located   in Orleans, Massachusetts.

  • Companions of St. Luke - An   Episcopal Benedictine community located in Donnellson IA, featuring a guest   house and cloister.

  • Disciples of Jesus Covenant   Community - The Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community is a Body of   families, singles and priests who have come together under the inspiration of   the Holy Spirit, to live a common life of prayer, sharing and service. Our   mission outreach of evangelisation extends throughout Australia and many other   countries.

  • Families for Christ Community - A   Catholic charismatic community committed to continuous spiritual growth,   family renewal and active witnessing to Christ. Based in Vancouver, Canada. 

  • The Family / Children of God - An   international Christian fellowship dedicated to sharing God's Word and love   with counterculture youth. Features fundamental beliefs, endtime news, music,   and products.

  • Family Life Community - A   union of Christian families and singles who follow the teachings of Christ as   proclaimed through His Roman Catholic Church. Located in Southwest Louisiana. 

  • Greenhaus Community - An   intentional christian community located in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of   Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Intercessors of the Lamb -   Dedicated to the contemplative formation of all Christians for the powerful   ministry of intercession.

  • Jesus People USA - Both an intentional   Christian community and a worshipping church located in Chicago.

  • Kanaan - Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary   - Interdenominational Christian community with headquarter in Darmstadt,   Germany - founded by M. Basilea Schlink in the aftermath of World War II -   branch ministries in Israel, U.S.A., and Australia.

  • New Creation Christian Community   (aka. Jesus Army) - A large evangelical Christian Community. Provides   information on the Jesus Army community lifestyle with a comprehensive list of   links to Christian Communities on the web.

  • New Subasio Community - An   ecumenical Christian monastery following the Rule of St. Benedict; Open to all   the world's religious traditions.

  • Rose Creek Village   - Messianic community of about 200 people located in Tennessee, including a   restaurant and businesses in solar tinting, construction, home improvement,   landscaping, distribution of art supplies, and professional midwifery and   doula childbirth services.

  • Sons of God - Christian community   near Grapeland, TX. Teaching the message of the Sons of God, Kingdom of God,   Revelation of Jesus Christ, Overcoming Life in Christian Community.

  • Twelve Tribes Communities -   Commonwealth of Israel - A community spread over 50 locations in 9   countries, sharing a common life including all possessions after the example   of the early church.

  • xFamily - A collaboratively edited   encyclopedia about The Family/Children of God cult.



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