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Bible Software Freeware

Christian Chats and Forums : Bible Freeware


  • AV 2000 - Free computer   programs for searching the Bible and publishing it on paper or diskettes.

  • Bible Knowledge   Accelerator - Free Bible history software in Windows help format with   several programs including Bible history, The Babylonians, Hebrew Torah, and   The History of Rome. Each has information, pop-up definitions, charts, maps,   and illustrations.

  • Bible Plus -   Freeware King James Version Bible with search engine. Bible Plus works with   ALL versions of Windows from 3.1 to 95/98 and NT.

  • Bible Retrieval System Web -   Explains and supplies the BRS, a free open-source bible, that uses the King   James Bible, for most computing platforms. Also provides development   information.

  • Bible Students' Library 2 -   Hard to find Online Bible modules, including the writings of C.T. Russell,   Wilson's Emphatic Diaglot Bible, Bible Student's Commentaries, and   Tischendorf's Spurious Texts. Free downloads.

  • BibleDatabase: Free Bible Software   downloads - Full featured free Bible Software with many Bibles to choose   from. Multi Bible viewer. Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Biblical Names,   Personal Prayer Diary, Biblical Map viewer, and Rich Text Word Processor.

  • BibleWord - home   of a free bible program - BibleWord is a free, attractive program will   display a bible verse each time you launch windows.

  • BibleWorkshop - BibleWorkshop   (BWS) is advanced Bible study software plus great material database,   originally in German, now available also in English and French. Try the free   evaluation versions on your Windows,Mac or Windows CE handheld device or   PocketPC! See the "Free" page for details.

  • The Biblical Studies   Foundation - NET Bible (New English Translation), Bible studies, Greek and   Hebrew fonts, and other resources for Bible study available for download and/or   purchase.

  • Christian Freeware -   Freeware Bible study programs including 1899 Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible and   King James Version, each with original Deuterocanonicals. Also several foreign   language Bibles including Arabic Bible. Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt.

  • CrossWire Bible Society - Free   Bible software to other Bible Societies, scholars, and end users, alike.   Available in Linux, Windows, Macintosh OSX, and PDA and Handlheld computers.   Bibles, commentaries, and other study tools available in a variety of   languages.

  •   Debian KJV - User interface program for searching and reading KJV text and   concordance. KJV daily devotional verse program also available. For Debian GNU/Linux   OS.

  • Edgar's Pilot   BibleDoc Page - A page providing Bible books (KJV) on USR Pilot to be read   with PilotDoc application.

  • e-Sword - Bible freeware program   with KJV, BBE, WEB, Green's Literal, ASV, Reina Valera and Sagradas Escrituras   (Spanish), Hebrew Tanach and Scrivener's 1894 Greek Textus Receptus, and   others; commentaries and dictionaries. Windows 9x and NT.

  • Free Christian Software   - List Scripture memorization software, Bible study tools, and screensavers.   Accepts submissions. All sites listed must offer only freeware, no shareware,   demos, or time limited software.

  • "In the Beginning Was the Word" -   Bible study software including a couple of English translations, Greek texts,   a parallel Bible view, and note making abilities. Site offers screenshots. 

  • ISA ( Interlinear Scripture   Analyzer ) - Interlinear Bible and concordance search software with   parallel translations and lexicon.

  • Light-Fight - Free   spiritual warfare software for DOS. Uses text from NIV and The Jerusalem Bible. 

  • Olive Tree   Bible Software - Bible freeware for Palm OS and WinCE (PocketPC). Several   English and foreign language translations, including a Greek New Testament and   Latin Vulgate.

  • Online Bible - Bible software   for Windows or Macintosh, available for download or by CD-Rom. Includes   various versions of the Bible in various languages. Some content may be locked   until a royalty fee is paid.

  • Online Bible Study and Bible Dictionary   - KJV and other versions in HTML format with each chapter as a separate web   page. Also available for download as a zip file and as MS Access Database. 

  • Perl Bible - English and   Czech Bible Study. Several Bible translations are available. Primarily   designed for Linux end-users.

  • Software for   Recovering People - Free Bible study software for people in recovery from   addiction. New Freedom Bible (12 step verses highlighted), and Recovery   Companion (12 step NIV Bible with AA "Big Book"). Windows and OS/2.

  • SwordSearcher Bible Software -   Windows Bible software. Free download, or buy the CD for more features. Over 1   million cross-references combined.

  • Theophilos - Bible study suite for   Windows 95/NT with multimedia features. Freeware package includes King James   Bible, commentary and dictionary. Free add-ons include translations into   several languages, Scribe authoring tool, and other resources and utilities.   Theophilos Library CD (Contains twenty-six Bible versions and additional   reference material) and related software available to purchase.

  • Theophilos eGroup Add-on   Library - Additional modules for the free Theophilos Bible program created   by members of their user's group. Email discussion list and list of modules   under development.

  • Tim's Bible Study   - Freeware studies (as well as games and screen-savers) by Rev. Tim Gibson.   Download or use online. Windows 95 or higher.

  • TkBible UNIX Bible   software code - TkBible is a simple interface to the BRS (Bible Retrieval   System) bible software for UNIX operating systems that allows you to use the   BRS software through an easy to use X11 based interface, instead of the   command line interface.

  • VulSearch - A free program   to search the Catholic Latin Vulgate bible and English Douay-Rheims bible

  • World English Bible - Public   Domain modern English translations of the Holy Bible, based on the ASV and   original language texts, currently in draft form. Download in choice of   formats (HTML,RTF,ASCII).



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